The Far and deep part of the explored world, the planet #butthole

Remove this rusted metal cap and the world’s deepest hole tunnels miles into the Earth. However, we know more about certain distant galaxies than we do about what lies miles beneath our very own feet. For that reason, Soviet scientists in the 1970s decided to probe deeper than humanity has ever […]

1816, the Year Without a Summer

    We use to think that this world has a climate that stands the same among our lifetimes, but climate and this world is a dinamic enviroment that makes our world a interesting place to live in. I found this article about the 1816 frozen summer and how this […]

Heath Ledger: Un vistazo a su diario de preparación para su papel en la película de Dark Knight.

  El modo como un actor se prepara para un papel sea de cine o teatro es particularmente distinto, algunos rituales suelen ser muy peculiares y siempre dará a uno curiosidad saber como cada Actor se pone a tono para un papel en particular. En el caso del póstumo actor […]

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