Facebook test a major change in its timeline

Facebook just scared the hell out of publishers in one small test that were conducted in some countries, when those publishers lost almost 60% of the organic reach in little time. The question here if there is anything Facebook do wrong, or the companies expect to much from them. In […]

Steampunk Arts V. 1

Another round of out good steampunk art we get from our round around twitter… Mostly they are fanwork made to please the author itself but sometimes they are so great that all of us were impressed and the choose to share…. those are hand-made, a single piece of human inspiration… […]

#SocialBattle Facebook le apunta a Twitter en la cara: Tu status de FB y Fotos serán incrustables.

La batalla social esta de la #fruta, desde que instagram bloqueo la opción de incrustar las fotos de esta red social la comunidad tuitera protesto por no poder colocar sus fotos hipster. ahora FB le pinta en la cara a Twitter lanzando en breve la opción de incrustar tus estatus […]

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