Ancient Times Print Masters

There was a time when color photographs were something still in development. In those times only lithography were the way to get colored massive printing. Some of the finest color reproduction were made in Europe and from Swiss printers we get this amazing color lithographs. The lithography process is pretty […]

#fuckingnice Beer Packaging

Lets be honest, the real deal when choosing a new product is the way it looks, sometimes its the color of the label, sometimes just that fancy add you see on the TV. For those companies withount a massive amount of money the only real solution is create a label […]

The Nissan’s Autech Zagato Stelvio AZ1, a car of its time and nothing more…

The car world is full of wonder and mystery! Even when you’re steeped in it every waking hour of your day like I am, it’s still wide and weird enough that you can learn about new things all the time. Case in point: Nissan’s Autech Zagato Stelvio AZ1. It’s like […]

The Far and deep part of the explored world, the planet #butthole

Remove this rusted metal cap and the world’s deepest hole tunnels miles into the Earth. However, we know more about certain distant galaxies than we do about what lies miles beneath our very own feet. For that reason, Soviet scientists in the 1970s decided to probe deeper than humanity has ever […]

New Uncharted Game coming to the PS4 and looks great

Honestly, before Uncharted, i was a little dissapointed about the fact that the TR series has become something more close to a shooter than a exploring game, but this exclusive Sony series has changed my mind. The Game that run on PS Vita was awesome even when its console parent […]

Guillermo del Toro will not buy any Metal Gear game in the near future…

The breakup of Hideo Kojima and Konami — the creator and the publisher of the action-espionage video game franchise Metal Gear — was long, messy, and complicated. A year later, both parties are busy with their own new projects, but that hasn’t stopped the occasional Kojima supporter from taking a […]

#gamegasmic the trailer from Last of Us is pretty Amazing…

The first game really was a game changer, now this amazing sequel shows something that was good even better. Sony closed its annual PlayStation Experience event by announcing The Last of Us Part Two. The anticipated sequel is the second big announcement from developer Naughty Dog today, following the reveal […]

Racing Legend Jackie Stewart says of Champ, Lewis Hamilton A ‘Little Ballerina’

Lewis Hamilton’s last-ditch attempt to win the 2016 Formula One drivers’ title by driving like an overly cautious teenager entering a highway ramp in the Abu Dhabi season finale didn’t go over well, and three-time F1 champion Jackie Stewart called him a “little ballerina” who should be punished. Going into […]

Porsche’s Le Mans Team Adds Three Le Mans Winners, Including One From Audi

Porsche’s flagship 919 World Endurance Championship Le Mans prototype effort was left with three open seats to fill at the end of this season with the departure of Mark Webber, Romain Dumas and Marc Lieb. Fortunately, they knew three prior 24 Hours of Le Mans winners who could fill those […]