Apple will only stream 4K iTunes movies, not offering downloads #HolliwoodWins

To be honest, is not a secret that Holliwood was never happy about the digital downloads on any platform, since they asume is a pinpoint to piracy, The true has proven the opossite since most times, the same studios share their movies to the P2P networks without any help – made by some angry employ that wish revenge and send a costly movie to the network – and try by all means, stoping innovation son they keep the people on the teathers and buying tickets – something the asume they can control – and asking excesive rules to stream providers – or making them pay expensive royalties for their contents – and one of those seems to kick hard the Apple TV.

Now, thanks to the News Portal Appleinsider, we know that the 4k movies iTunes were promising on the WWDC conference a few days back, will be in fact, streamed to the device and not store on it – something ala Netflix – wich will not allow offline viewing – Hollywood crap stands here – wich make a lot not so happy. The big advantage in buying HD movies from iTunes in the past was the hability to keep that big files on our iPhone or iPad -handy to keep children happy or calm in long roard trips – and now, since all HD movies are now 4K too – on the case it applies of course – this will be impossible – and to be honest also very impractical due storage limitations.

With the Apple TV 4K launching on Friday, people hoping to upgrade their desktop iTunes movie purchases to 4K may be disappointed —Apple is only streaming video in that resolution, not offering downloads, according to an official support document.

“You can download a local copy of an HD movie, and you might be able to download HDR and Dolby Vision versions, but you can’t download a 4K version,” Apple says. The same webpage recommends at least 25 megabits per second of bandwidth for 4K streaming, and notes that falling below this may automatically switch users to 1080p or lower.

It’s possible to stream locally-imported 4K video from one Mac to another via iTunes, AppleInsider can confirm, suggesting that Apple’s decision isn’t due to software limitations.

The situation could be a result of deals negotiated with most major Hollywood studios, which mean that people buying iTunes titles get 4K on the Apple TV at no extra cost. Limiting the extra resolution to streaming could be a way of deterring piracy, and/or keeping Blu-ray disc sales alive.

People have discovered a number of limitations in the run up to the Apple TV 4K launch. The set-top won’t stream 4K YouTube videos, and is currently missing support for Dolby Atmos surround sound, though that should arrive later via a tvOS update.

Vía AppleInsider

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