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#fuckingnice Beer Packaging

Lets be honest, the real deal when choosing a new product is the way it looks, sometimes its the color of the label, sometimes just that fancy add you see on the TV. For those companies withount a massive amount of money the only real solution is create a label that hit hard in the inner eye, a massive punch in the retinal tissue… something wich is really hard without a good art direction.

As a professor on a local University, in a small design school program is hard to make the pupils catch the idea on how hard is this, from a simple branding perspective is the core of any effort. Without a nice eye-catching label most brands will vanish from stands without being noticed.

Now, i will show you some nice eye-catching labels, to prove this point, some are real products and others are just student work, but togheter make a real eye-candy on how a good label can look, and how this nice quality work can make an unknow brand a real competitor in the store-shelf wars…..


Vía Google Image Search