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25 Magazine or News Style Web Designs for Inspiration

As the media news sites  – and their print-media-related cousins – struggle to find out how to become profitable without dying in their intent, most news sites follows a traditional formula, by putting in first place their websites, second their mobile versions and last all their related social media affairs. The truth is no one has find the all-in-one formula to overcome this massive fight. But since, as, designers, part of our job is to create sites that works for our clients, sometimes we must do more research job to find how to make it a little more succesfull than the ones they replace.

This selection of good samples, updated by the moment, is meant to give you a general picture on this, helping to ironing any issues you might find and helping to orientate yourself on this hard choice.

With more websites and blogs publishing large amounts of content on a daily basis, one of the priorities in designing these types of news sites is to create a layout that allows visitors to find the content that they are looking for. The more content that is published, the bigger the challenge this becomes. Many sites and blogs are turning to magazine or news style layouts to display excerpts, headlines, and links to full content.

Most magazine-style sites include image thumbnails for some or all of the excerpts, and many also category those excerpts to make it easier for visitors to find specific content. If you are working on a magazine or news style layout this showcase of 25 websites should help to provide some inspiration.

This is Fake DIY


Conde Nast

The Next Web

W Magazine



The Daily Beast


The Blaze


The Fiscal Times

Walker Art Center

This is Awesome


Melbourne Geek






.net Magazine

The Boston Globe

Clutch Magazine


In the examples of content-rich websites that follow, you’ll see many of these best practices applied effectively in order to maintain an enjoyable, friction-free experience.



What is it?

Polygon is a videogame review site from the founders of gadget-enthusiast upstart The Verge (also profiled here).

Why we like it

  • Whitespace – Polygon’s articles feature long-scrolling, untraditional layouts that break up the dense bodies of text into digestible chunks with huge, beautiful imagery, akin to custom-designed magazine spreads. Here, the content in each article has been intentionally laid out, instead of simply “pasted & posted” into a one-size-fits-all template.
  • Strong information hierarchy – Dramatic-looking pullquotes highlight the core points of the reviews.
  • Usable search – There’s an impressive realtime search bar that’s sticky at the top of the browser window, enabling quick drilldown on specific games.



What is it?
As the new kid on the block that’s populated by the likes of Gizmodo and Engadget, The Verge is taking a fresh, bold approach to covering the wide world of technology.

Why we like it

  • Story collage – The homepage begins with a big, colorful jigsaw puzzle of leading stories’ headlines, providing a glimpse into the articles they link to, as well as a strong visual draw for the eye.
  • Thumbnail sliders – At certain points, the pages are broken up by a useful carousel of image thumbnails, each allowing the user to drill into a specific story.
  • You Need To Read This Now – By giving its top stories a bit of whitespace and accompanying them with an explicit directive, The Verge is able to focus attention on the hottest news it has to offer.



What is it?
Being the parent company of many of the best-known magazines around (including a couple we’ve featured here), almost makes Conde Nast’s site genetically predisposed to offer a mountain of content that could easily be overwhelming if not approached with caution, forethought and disciplined design.

Why we like it

  • Bold visual hierarchy – Beginning with the absolutely giant, beautiful content slider in the header of this site, there’s literally no way you could miss what Conde Nast believes are the most important things for you to see on this site.
  • Customizable Filters – This site wisely avoids attempting to present all of the available content, and instead puts control in the user’s hands by enabling them to filter down what they see based on their specific interests.



What is it?
Blik is one of the biggest destinations around for art supplies, and with such a diverse range of media and materials to accommodate, it needs to ensure that its creative audience can quickly find the items they need when inspiration strikes.

Why we like it

  • Strong information hierarchy – You’re never in any doubt as to what the most important thing is that you should be looking at, especially while browsing the products which follow many of the best practices for an ecommerce product page.
  • Grid style – With a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, lines and patterns inherent to their wide range of products, keeping a clean, rigid grid structure helps impose a sense of orderliness upon what could be a chaotic mess of visual elements.
  • Dynamic mouseovers – Blik allows the user to indicate interest in an item by providing more information in a dynamic hover state, instead of unnecessarily cluttering the resting state of the site upfront.



What is it?
As one of the largest newspapers in the US, USA today knows a thing or two about managing a large amount of content in a limited space.

Why we like it

  • Clean, organized grid – The clean, sharp lines and rigid layout of this design maintains an orderly feel to this site, which keeps it from feeling disorganized or difficult to navigate
  • User-adjustable layout – USAToday offers visitors the choice between a List or Grid view of their top stories. This allows users to control how much they take on at once – allowing them to effectively choose their preferred approach to browsing the content.



What is it?
The venerable publication famed for its satirical cartoons brings a stately approach to presenting its content online.

Why we like it

  • Masonry – The New Yorker’s homepage echoes the trend of the cascading, tiled content block layout that keeps the user scrolling down, scanning for items of interest.
  • Variety – There are a wide range of image sizes on offer in this layout, which prevents monotony setting in while browsing through.
  • Minimalism – The overall aesthetic here is clean, structured, and minimalist that lets the content speak, while using the New Yorker’s signature font throughout.



What is it?
The national professional membership organization for the graphic arts, AIGA has its hands in many avenues of outreach for its members, including conferences, perks, publishing and more. In this instance, presenting their overwhelming amount of available content in an effective way meant exploring outside the traditional layouts of similar organizations.

Why we like it

  • Grid style – The grid size of each article is proportional to the amount of information it contains, giving visitors an instant visual representation of importance – and time commitment.
  • Consistency – Despite covering a profusion of different design styles, typography and color schemes in its imagery, the actual site retains a solid consistency in terms of how it displays captions, headlines, article content, etc.
  • Strong information hierarchy – Each article offers the same Title/Subtitle/Excerpt structure. Articles of special importance remain fully saturated, instead of the secondary posts, which are more muted, and only come to life on hover.
  • Buttons – Non-rectangular buttons punctuate this layout, noticeable by virtue of their shape. These calls-to-action are nicely styled and stand out just enough to catch attention.



What is it?
One of the de-facto bibles of designing for the Web, A List Apart publishes daily, thought-provoking articles on the finer points of our craft. This is deep, thought-provoking stuff, so a usable interface and pleasurable reading experience are paramount.

Why we like it

  • Clean & simple typography – ALA’s design is well-known in the Web design community for microscopic attention to detail when it comes to the typography on the site. Each line, heading and pull quote is fastidiously and consciously adjusted for perfect readability.
  • Disciplined editing – Despite the length of ALA’s articles, you’ll notice that there aren’t any overly-long sections of content. Each post has been carefully broken up into easily-digested paragraphs of 2-3 sentences each.



What is it?
A showcase of art spanning an eclectic variety of styles from the artist collective I Shot Him Because I Loved Him, Damn Him.

Why we like it

  • Rigid grid – Each article is represented on the homepage by a moderately-sized photo, all presented in a clean grid layout, to prevent visual confusion, given the variety of colors, styles and subject matter to be accommodated.
  • Content reveal – Simply displaying the descriptions and captions of each picture underneath them adds content bloat – instead, The Black Harbor only reveals this information as an overlay when the user indicates interest by hovering over an image. In addition, when users hit the bottom of the homepage, they’re given the opportunity to reveal more content.



What is it?
One of the best-known magazines for Black-American articles, opinion and insight, Ebony covers an incredibly broad number of topics in its mission to share the perspectives of the African-American community.

Why we like it

  • Giant imagery – Much like Polygon’s fine example, Ebony uses striking and large images to not only set the tone, but also give users strong implications as to the most important articles on their homepage. Their homepage slider alone takes up the vast majority of the screen on laptop resolutions and below.
  • Bold typographic hierarchy – Ebony’s signature headline font, Didoni, serves to call out the major articles on the site at the present moment, with secondary stories headlined in “Trade Gothic”.



What is it?
The original home of pan-genre tech and geek journalism, Wired covers a breathtaking variety of detailed content – making accommodating it all comfortably on their website quite the achievement.

Why we like it

  • Readability – Clear sans-serif type, and comfortable column widths keep things simple and easy to read.
  • Consistent typography – All headlines, quotes and other text content elements are cohesive across the sprawl of this site.



What is it?
This widely-reknowned newspaper caught the attention of the Web last year, when they rolled out a major site redesign – one of the first mainstream sites to embrace responsive design methods.

Why we like it

  • Whitespace – Being a newspaper, by far the most important content is the text, meaning that careful attention has been paid to ensuring a pleasurable reading experience
  • Visual hierarchy – Articles with an image are more attractive – and therefore more important – than those without. This rule is further emphasized by the size of the accompanying image, with the leading story having significantly more space devoted to it.
  • Hidden content – The leading stories in each news category are smartly hidden in the mega-menu, which is revealed on hover



What is it?
Fast Company’s design blog showcases all the latest goings-on in the world of product and graphic design. Needless to say, there’s a lot going on in those areas these days…

Why we like it

  • Giant imagery – Each article is accompanied by a truly massive header image that lets the reader know in no uncertain terms just what they’re about to read.
  • Intro sliders – Many of Co.Design’s articles open with an image slider containing key images from the body of the article. They serve as an excellent visual intro for the text that is to follow, and get the reader primed for the overall tone of the article.



What is it?
Google’s quarterly publication with their musings on the trends and movements of the Web is a surprisingly refreshing reading experience coming from a company with a reputation for deeply-entrenched engineering background.

Why we like it

  • Whitespace – The whole layout of this site feels crisp, fresh and open. Type is laid out for maximum impact, instead of content density.
  • Overlays & reveals – The index of this online magazine is very nicely done, with thumbnail activating a huge, stylish pull-quote and link to the article upon rollover. Approaching the reveal in this way also allows the reader to continually return to the central theme of the issue.

Wrapping it up

Make no mistake – none of these examples successfully navigated the minefield of creating a content-rich website by accident. It takes a ton of time, strategy and deliberate planning in order to not only execute these designs, but also ensure that future content updates fit flush within the overall user experience. Therefore, it pays to keep the following guidelines in mind:

Prioritize – When everything’s important, nothing is. You should clearly establish what content is required by the user up-front, and what can be hidden. Once you’ve figured that out, make that hidden information easy to find when needed.

Semantic Categorization – Categorize your content in a way that makes sense to your user – not to you, nor your client, nor your colleagues. Be ruthless in identifying and eliminating internal jargon and acronyms that you toss around in a usual day at the office.

Design Consistently – Keeping all your elements, typography and spacing consistent across the whole site takes on a whole new level of importance when taking on a content-rich site, not only for the users’ sakes, but for minimizing future maintenance headaches. For example, keep related image assets all the exact same dimensions, so they can be reused seamlessly across the site.

Make user flowcharts – Chart the journey of different groups of visitors through the site. Challenge yourself as you’re designing to answer common questions, or consider how you would accomplish typical tasks that a new visitor might have within your proposed site structure and page layouts.

Vía Vandelay Design

18 Best Portfolio Website Templates Based on HTML & WordPress To Showcase Your Creative Work Online 2017

This modern age is filled with great paradoxes and turnings of time and fate. As the world grows more connected and globalized, disparities seem to increase, yet opportunities conversely abound in this bright new era, ushered in by the total communication the internet has provided for mankind. And while the world’s largest nations and economies rise and fall in endless cycles, the business savvy, the entrepreneurs and the go-getters of the Earth are thriving in a world full of possibilities, where your talent and hard work, if unrecognized or unappreciated in whatever context you find yourself in, can just as easily be your sustenance—or even, your great success—elsewhere on this planet.

The internet is just the tool to help you find your place to shine, but you’ll get nowhere without a handsome, modern and appealing portfolio website, that acts as a calling card and an exposition of your skills, whatever your trade or craft may be—from artists and photographers to designers and architects, from engineers and decorators to constructors and landscapers, a portfolio is a place to start. And to start off in style and grace, nothing beats the top of the line web technology combo of a solid HTML5 framework with smooth CSS3 stylesheets. The following collection of website templates exhibits the best and brightest HTML5/CSS3 Portfolio Website Templates on the market. They won’t disappoint.


Stash is a dynamic and versatile WordPress theme. It suits any person at any given moment as long as they have a project in mind. It does have potential to benefit those with and artistic side and all professionals. Stash is based on a Visual Composer block builder, +260 blocks and +85 to play with. Stash is entirely responsive and has tons of customizations to make. It adapts to screens and devices with ease! Dropdown menus help you out with that a lot. Stash counts with tons of specialized demos and pre-built options to get crafty. It is the best on image display and appeal. You will get Slider Revolution integrated for galleries and and 7 built-in portfolios. Set amazing detailed layouts with multiple headers, unlimited colors and blogs.

Stash will let you beautify backgrounds too with CSS3 animations and Parallax. Attract clients with amazing features and get them to appreciate what you offer! Stash is compatible, to impress you even more, with WooCommerce. Set gorgeous shops to make your site ready to make business. WPML for translations and Minimal Forms are also available. This is a fast and SEO improved tool that will simply make you feel reassured and listened! Don’t hesitate! Get Stash!


Jevelin is a responsive WordPress theme that requires no previous knowledge for anything. It is perfect for lazy, non programmers, or simply busy people. It comes with tons of demos and pre-built choices for page elements. Jevelin is documented, and even provides video tutorials to guide you all the way through. It uses a Drag & Drop page builder and a MegaMenu that simplify many panel tasks. +40 amazing shortcodes are also included to get creative and crafty! Jevelin is essentially multipurpose and adaptable to browsers or devices. It is made with many possible actions, but only one real goal: quality page building. Special add-ons that make it great include WPML for translation and Google Maps. You get to share your posts and new son anything you want with social media buttons.

Jevelin is fast and optimized for navigation with SEO. It comes with +10 portfolio layouts and 6 blog pages too. Get it all ready to make commercial transactions and forms for potential customers. It has been integrated with awesome WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 plugins. It will provide you with a child theme and free constant updates! Have a quick look, and you will not turn back! Go for Jevelin!

Opta is a minimalist portfolio and photography HTML template. Any creative business has a place here. A gallery, a fashion business or a photographer find enough element to express beauty. It’s very clean and elegant. You can make an astonishing site in few steps with this template. With Opta, you count with tons of features for you to create your dream website. It counts with simple and carousel image slider and even a trendy text slider.  It also includes HTML files like index, about, blog and gallery. For a clear and beautiful typography, you have Google Web Fonts!

Opta is flexible and easy to customize thanks to its responsive layout. No matter what device your customers have, it fits its screen. You will get multiple contacts, single portfolio page options too. Opta is integrated with PHP Contact Form because it knows client reach is a priority. When you choose your template, you want a reliable one. Opta is well documented and has first line support for up to a year with template developers. You can expect constant updates as well. If you want to tailor your site, in an inimitable way, this CocoBasic creation is for you! Try it now and get Opta!


Massive is a truly humongous, vastly expansive, deeply resourceful, feature-rich and function-dense, graphically polished and visually stunning, endlessly flexible and easily customizable, fast loading and superbly modern HTML5 and CSS3 responsive multipurpose website template, a truly mindboggling website template that has been put together with the utmost care and thoroughness. The end result is a staggering 260 different, completely preconfigured HTML5 unique webpages for all sorts of different purposes and applications.

Among them, 85 entirely unique, creative and outstanding portfolio template pages make Massive a remarkable website template for all sorts of webmasters seeking to establish their online portfolio websites with a set of tools that is all-inclusive, thoughtful and polished, as well as capable of having a fully functional, fleshed out portfolio website set up and running within minutes, owing to the great amount of flexible, ready to use templates included with Massive. Over 15 preconfigured sliders can liven up any website whatsoever, while 6 different footer options keep things diverse and 20 different menu styles let your users explore your content just the way you want them to. What you cannot find ready-made outright within Massive, you can easily build yourself, with an excess of 150 custom-built shortcodes ready to deploy on any page you see fit. Massive—it really is the endless template.


SPOONS is an attractive and visually appealing, engaging and technologically sophisticated, well designed and inherently flexible, fashion conscious and aesthetically accomplished, powerful and extremely easy to use HTML5 and CSS3 single and multipage website template. Spoons is a clever and creative website construction solution for webmasters that want all the refined visual effects and softly focused appeal of modern professional websites, but who wish to forgo the hassle of coding their own website framework and website elements—SPOONS does all that for you, and all you need is to provide your own content and images.

That is why SPOONS is a great fit for personal or professional portfolio websites. Whether you are a visual artist that wants to put your work out there, a graphic designer showing off your corporate identities or marketing campaigns, or a home decorator illustrating the range and taste of your experience, if you want a potent and cutting edge HTML5-powered and CSS3-styled website template with plentiful layouts to impressively show off plenty of high-resolution images in appealing and interactive compositions, preconfigured with all sorts of convenient elements, SPOONS is just what you are looking for. With SPOONS, making your mark on the World Wide Web is easy as pie!


ZAP is a creative and interactive, unique and modern, memorable and enveloping, highly modern and tech-savvy, enormously pliable and flexible, powerful and intuitive HTML5 an CSS3 multipurpose website template, an amazingly convertible, vastly customizable theme that has been constructed with the careful attention to detail and the versatile functional diversity necessary to comfortably allow for the development and maintenance of a wide range of websites across all sorts of industries.

However, ZAP’s peculiarly well-developed visual and graphical skills make it a natural at dealing with all manners of pictorial content—if you need viewers to drop their jaws as they gaze upon something beautiful, ZAP is precisely what you should frame it with. That is what makes ZAP an excellent portfolio website template. With visual effects including gorgeous Parallax animations and complex effects, unimaginably smooth CSS3 transitions, all coded on a powerful HTML5 framework built to be responsive and cross compatible with all sorts of devices, platforms and screen sizes, as well as being lightning-fast, easy on the server loads and optimized for search engine indexation, ZAP is the ultimate creative portfolio website template, with the advanced technology to see you and your ventures through another decade. Get zapping today!


Pillar is a visually expansive, aesthetically minimalist, modern and flat, technologically proficient and incredibly functionally diverse, highly creative and easily customizable responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, a vastly useful and convenient template that has been carefully crafted with all the required tools and features to easily and efficiently build professional looking, modern websites that are wholly responsive, secure, reliable and aesthetically conscious, with a very current and on-point flat graphic design and a handsome, optimized handling of visual content. That is why Pillar is an ideal website template for all sorts of professional or personal portfolio websites.

Whether you are a freelance professional, a visual or performance artist, a website designer or any other related or similar field, Pillar has the skills to seamlessly empower you to churn out an ample variety of portfolio websites, with many neat and handy preconfigured webpages and features. Pillar includes the amazing Mega Menu functionality, so your visitors can quickly figure out the hierarchical composition of your website and better navigate through your work, and it is built on top of a powerful HTML5 framework and styled with CSS3 coding and the latest Bootstrap framework for optimal responsiveness and utter cross-compatibility. Template comes with Variant Page Builder and over 150 custom building blocks for faster and easier website setup. Pillar is where the good things are!


Carna is an incredibly technologically proficient, amazingly reliable and secure, visually stunning and impressively customizable, functionally flexible and feature-rich, modern and vibrant responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, a cleanly coded and highly efficient website template that has been jam-packed with the most potent and deeply pliable set of features, functions and tools available for building professional, polished and graphically engaging websites that look and feel great. Carna has been designed to be very easy to use and easier still to customize, with advanced technologies including the Slider Revolution slider feature, the Master Slider, the highly professional Quform forms and the completely jaw-dropping Cube Portfolio.

This skill profile makes Carna a peculiarly outstanding website template for deployment on portfolio websites of all nature, from professional to personal, across a wide and vast field of business or commercial ventures, such as freelancers, artists, engineers, designers and much more—if you need to build a website that can show off your work in the utmost style and with the most powerful set of tools available to make your content truly shine and leave a lasting mark upon your audience, Carna is the template for you. Total responsiveness means Carna will make your website look fantastic across all devices and audiences. Get on board now!


TopBiz is a clean and professional, fresh-faced and graphically cohesive, efficiently coded and highly reliable, modern and polished, visually stunning and engaging, interactive and powerful HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose corporate website template. It is a highly customizable and extremely intuitive and easy to use website template that is equipped with a vast set of powerful tools and features as well as a great many HTML5 webpage templates thoroughly preconfigured for optimum functionality and total compatibility with the required layout profile of well-structured professional, business and corporate websites, with gorgeous handling of media content owing to powerful and cutting edge coding. That is why TopBiz is an optimal theme for the development and maintenance of professional and corporate business portfolio websites.

Firms across all sorts of fields and businesses are sure to benefit from showing off their professional work and experience to potential customers worldwide and will likely attract new and recurring business with TopBiz’s impressive visual customization capabilities that will make your portfolio easily stand out from the crowd of similar websites on the web. TopBiz guarantees polished and put-together results that are highly functional and completely responsive, and Bootstrap coding makes for easily modifiable webpages that are legible and comprehensible to all, on top of being search engine optimized. Upgrade your business today, with TopBiz!


Tempo is an incredibly powerful, endlessly expansive, vastly flexible and pliable, impressively resourceful, technologically accomplished and feature-dense, highly interactive and very navigable responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template. Tempo is a truly wonderful template that has been constructed with a deeply customizable nature, founded on an incredibly wide collection of diverse HTML5-powered webpage layout templates preconfigured for a wealth of specific, convenient uses, totaling in at over 160.

Among these, over 40 such deliberately designed pages are exclusively portfolio pages, which is why Tempo is perhaps one of the most powerful and significantly flexible portfolio website templates on the market. Tempo includes tons of different and creative demo websites that can easily be implemented within minutes, to start off your own portfolio website on the right foot and quickly add your own images and content and be off. Tempo incorporates such premium plugins as Cube Portfolio, LivIcons and the incredible Cloud Slider, using them with great effectiveness over a wide set of pages. Over 100 shortcodes have been custom built for you to construct the pages you dream up with ease and speed, while advanced effects like infinite scrolling, AJAX portfolio pages, top and off canvas navigation menus and more will bedazzle your audience. It’s Tempo time!


Ova is a conceptually cohesive, vastly customizable and highly pliable, technologically competent and graphically polished, visually stunning and incredibly easy to use, well coded, thorough and expansive HTML5 and CSS3 responsive multipurpose website template, a powerful and unique website template designed with a remarkable deliberation and extreme attention to every detail, nook and cranny, making Ova a very professional and finished template that is equipped with an ample toolkit that can handle just about any requirement or necessity a website may face, as well as a sincerely massive collection of professionally designed and thoroughly preconfigured webpage templates for just about any use you can imagine or come up with, totaling in at over 178 unique pages.

Over 45 of these are tasteful, elegant portfolio template pages, which is why Ova is an amazingly powerful template for the construction of smooth, modern and attractive personal and professional portfolio websites. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an up and coming freelancer, whether you are a small firm or a large company, if you need to show the world your work in style, with gorgeous animations, beautiful headers, expansive menus and an intuitive customization thanks to a modular Bootstrap-based coding, Ova is the template of your dreams.

STARTUPRR is a completely unique, visually cohesive and cogent, navigationally intuitive and enveloping, visually attractive and highly appealing, modern and technologically proficient, fresh-faced and vibrant, very customizable and deeply resourceful HTML5 and CSS3 responsive multipurpose website template. It is an entirely one of a kind website template that has been developed from the ground up using the most sophisticated HTML5 framework elements weaved together with impressively clever CSS3 styling to empower webmasters to seamlessly and effortlessly churn out gorgeous, professional looking websites over a wide assortment of fields in a matter of minutes, with highly polished, totally responsive and interactive results every single time.

STARTUPRR includes over ten completely different portfolio grid configurations, which can be further altered into endless iterations of functional and pliable layout styles to fit just about any website. That is why STARTUPRR is a uniquely potent portfolio website template, a significantly convenient, time-saving toolkit that is perfect for webmasters that need to put their work out there for the world to see, across a vast range of industries; from graphic designers to website developers, from freelancers to visual artists, STARTUPRR can make your showcase shine like no website around. Are you ready to kick-start your business today?


Hasta is a completely gorgeous, fresh-faced and youthful, vibrant and luminous, highly customizable and very pliable, modern and efficiently coded, secure and reliable, engaging and totally responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, a remarkable, shapeshifting template that has been packed to the brim with a deeply powerful and highly transformable set of tools, features and functions that empower Hasta to produce the most creative and professional looking websites on the market with ease and speed. Smoothly animated Parallax visual effects, an excess of 30 different sophisticated layout styles, functional grids and masonry styles and the exceedingly attractive Cube Portfolio plugin, however, make Hasta a highly potent website template for deployment upon portfolio websites of all kinds and forms, particularly among fields that dabble highly in the creative side.

Hasta can seamlessly churn out endless pages packed with sophisticated features such as Flickr Feeds, jQuery Google Maps, Master Sliders, HTML5 YouTube players, the beautiful Owl Carousel feature for showcasing your best works, and much more, all powered by efficient HTML5 framework and Bootstrap elements that add both ease for customization as well as absolute responsiveness, so that your portfolio will be flawlessly enjoyed by users of all devices, platforms and screen sizes. What are you waiting for?


Knight is a an incredibly all-inclusive, expansive and vast, enormously pliable and highly flexible, visually stunning and highly developed, professional and businesslike, modern and interactive responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, an amazingly ambitious HTML5-framework theme-like template that includes a whole set of tools, plugins, features and functions on top of a walloping 250+ individual, preconfigured template pages, empowering Knight to tackle just about any website needs profile out there with relative ease and utter adaptability.

However, Knight’s incredibly graphically polished 38+ portfolio template pages make Knight a superbly well-equipped template for handling all sorts of personal or professional portfolio necessities. Knight comes out of the box with an ample set of demos for a whole host of different purposes, so setting up your portfolio website is as easy as importing the demo most suitable to your interests and field and beginning the upload of your own content and images for inclusion in your gorgeous, completely fleshed out pages. Plenty of advanced grid options is available, such as masonry, standard, gallery slider and much more ways to keep your audience interested and engaged with your content. Simultaneously, Knight has been built on top of a Bootstrap code, ensuring perfect display across all known devices, platforms and screen sizes. The cavalry is here!

Awesome Ideas

Awesome Ideas is a wonderfully designed, highly professional yet charmingly whimsical, polished and visually impressive, functionally flexible and feature-rich, resourceful and creative, unique and very memorable responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose business and commercial single page website template, a truly one of a kind and completely stunning HTML5 theme that is thoroughly equipped for the development of technologically proficient, graphically intuitive and inviting and functionally expansive websites that bedazzle viewers with tasteful, modern visual effects and a seamless, cohesive presentation in a smooth scrolling single page website.

That is why Awesome Ideas is a great HTML theme for the development of professional portfolio websites or any sort of websites that need to show off your precious and polished works to the world in the most favorable light possible. Awesome Ideas has been built to let creative people express themselves in the most easily customizable and profoundly pliable way, with a smart, intuitive user interface and smooth running preconfigured effects including Parallax smooth and infinite scrolling, CSS3 sophisticated dynamic stylesheets and a thoroughly inherently responsive Bootstrap codebase that ensures your Awesome Ideas portfolio is rendered flawlessly across the widest range of devices, platforms, and screen sizes possible. Let the world hear your Awesome Ideas today!


Haswell is a visually accomplished and aesthetically minimalist, tasteful and fashionable, aesthetically polished and functionally resourceful, highly customizable and extremely easy to use, function-dense and plugin-rich responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose single and multipage website template. It is an extraordinarily powerful website template that has been built with the raw strength and sheer pliability to seamlessly lend itself to a wide range of diverse uses and applications, but that is uniquely well suited for deployment among portfolio websites of all kinds and natures.

That is because Haswell is uniquely constructed to add a layer of tasteful refinement to essentially any content it handles—and on top of that, a wealth of diverse portfolio template pages included out of the box make hitting the ground running a matter of course with Haswell. You will have a fully fleshed out portfolio website within minutes, decked out with a diversity of customizable headers, menus, social media feeds, specialized video and image masks, containers and plugins, and so much more it will make your head spin, all packed into a stylish package based on the potent HTML5 framework, dynamic and flexible CSS3 stylesheets and the wonderfully responsive and easily modifiable modular Bootstrap codebase, that renders your Haswell portfolio natively cross-compatible across all devices and platforms. What else can you ask for?


Jango is a completely customizable, visually expansive and highly graphically polished, functionally flexible and feature-rich, smart and cleverly coded, efficient and fast loading, modern and reliable responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, an incredibly handy and powerful toolkit that has been deliberately crafted as an all-inclusive website solution for a huge range of different website applications, but that is peculiarly well equipped for handling the needs of modern, responsive and flexible portfolio websites of all kinds.

Whether you are a freelance professional, a digital media artist, an established business firm or a software developer, if you need to quickly and easily produce a professional and businesslike website that is full of functionality and deeply interactive out of the box, with minimal coding skills at every stage and ample opportunities for extensive customization, Jango is your man. Jango has been developed by developers, for developers, and its extensively Bootstrap-based code is easily legible and comprehensible, for optimal edition and modification capabilities. That Bootstrap foundation also makes Jango inherently responsive at every level, meaning there isn’t a device in the world that can browse the internet that won’t display your Jango website just as beautifully as you meant for it to be seen, with no additional coding needed. Jango is where it’s at!


H-Code is a spectacularly well-designed, graphically stunning, visually expansive, luxurious and stylish, aesthetically polished and functionally refined, resourceful and tech-savvy, modern and responsive, professional and sophisticated HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, a truly wonderfully flexible HTML5 template that has been built with the extensive liability and raw power necessary to effortlessly muscle the demands of a wide range of website archetypes across all sorts of business or personal applications. That is because H-Code is built on the powerful HTML5 framework, powered with CSS3 styling, and jam-packed with over 190 individual, professionally graphically designed template pages that cover pretty much every single imaginable page you could possibly need.

The included 40+ portfolio template pages, however, represent an exceedingly well curated collection of portfolio layouts, styles and interpretations that are conceptually outstanding and wholly remarkable, sure to leave an indelible mark on your audience’s memory, augmenting the effectiveness and reach of your portfolio and the impact it will have on your business or ventures. H-Code includes plenty ready-made portfolio and personal resume template pages for webmasters of all inclinations, and an excess of 57 different homepage demos make H-Code websites sincerely one of a kind. An inherently responsive code ensures no one will be left out of your gorgeous portfolio. H-Code is the template you need!


Foundry is a fantastically creative, deeply intuitive and easy to use, wonderfully productive, incredibly quick and fast loading, efficiently coded and highly reliable, regularly updated and technologically cutting edge responsive HTML5 and CSS3 high performance multipurpose website template, a uniquely well-constructed website template that has been packed with an endlessly vast toolkit of extremely polished features, plugins and functions that enable Foundry to empower webmasters wishing to craft professional looking, websites for demanding, high traffic, high volume, high quality, upscale applications.

To that end, Foundry includes a huge range of template pages, among them being a great amount of professionally designed, completely preconfigured portfolio pages that exude a careful precision and deliberation to their coding as well as an extreme capacity for customization. That is why Foundry is a great website template for individuals and corporations that need to create portfolio websites for demanding, high-quality, high-performance industries where matters such as aesthetics and functionality simply have no room for imperfection, and everything needs to work, work well, and work out of the box. Foundry is precisely such a template, and its sophisticated features like HTML5 Image Sliders and multiple conceptual homepage demos make the process of building portfolio website easy and breezy. Try Foundry today, and it’ll be the last template you’ll ever try!

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25 Outstanding CSS Websites Showcase for Design Inspiration 

The CSS is an amazing technology, can be used to create amazing sites and experiences at no cost, we love what free resources can do in the hands of good teams of designers and programers, here is a small list of good sites made entirely on CSS and HTML5 with some of the most amazing experiences you can fin there.

The tools like those done by those brick-named companies that create amazing software is not always the best option, sometimes you need to code by hand and learning a few frameworks dont hurt… find some here BTW

Use this as an inspiration to get started with a project, in case your brain needs something to get inspired… and come over, we love desing and we love to reach blogs for you….

1. Drupal Works


2. Safarista


3. Kinoz


4. Wegraphics


5. Raycreativ


6. Dubbed Creative


7. Bixal


8. Sky’s Guide Service


9. Carl Rosekilly


10. Gotmilk


11. Tileabl


12. Mealeo


13. Stilyagi Film


14. Day Tona Tarnow


15. Next Motion


16. Design Disease


17. Process Type Foundry


18. Julian krispel


19. Le 28 Thiers


20. Vartro


21. Emily Whitesmith




23. Duoh


24. Blog Cafundó Estúdio


25. Kokoromoi


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Good web design is crucial for making the right impression

First impressions are important… Presentable clothes, matching accessories, getting to meetings on time – it all matters. It shows people around you that you care.

Online, first impressions matter too. Website visitors make judgements about website credibility in as little as 50 milliseconds, and one in five website visitors will leave your website, not giving you a second chance.

Staying on top of the current trends makes it possible to create a website that will impress your audience, and will hold users attention for the first crucial 10 seconds, and beyond.

So what are the Web Design trends for 2017?

First things first. Web design is not art.

Art expresses feelings, raises questions, provokes emotions. By contrast, design helps people to find answers, take action, or complete a task.

More than ever before, everything in web design, from imagery to navigation, to content, must serve a purpose. Many websites are now decades old, and some have collected huge amounts of clutter along the way. If you are redesigning an existing website, start with a clearout (content audit), and focus on what’s important by mapping key customer journeys. If, on the other hand, you are building a website from scratch, consider wireframes, sitemaps and top tasks as your starting point. Prioritise clarity over absolute completeness.

New, decluttered WWF homepage.

Persuade with numbers

Numbers project confidence. A web designer that built 60 websites comes across as more competent than the one who has ‘many years experience in the industry’. A company that has offices in 4 countries seems more established than the one with ‘international presence’. Even when the numbers are not very meaningful, being precise and specific still works. Carolyn Mendelsohn, an award winning photographer, owns 321 snow globes. How about that?

Carolyn Mendlesohn, award-winning photographer and author of widely acclaimed In Between series

Grids, frameworks and pre-made themes

As CSS frameworks and grids mature, more and more coders use them as a basis for their web development work. They allow beginner coders to step up their game and they help digital agencies to streamline their production. Frameworks might sometimes contribute to bloated code but they cut down development time and take care of responsiveness, which makes them a good choice for many digital projects.

In addition to Bootstrap, UIKit and Foundation, which have been around for a while, new front-end development frameworks such as Suzy, Jeet and Breakpoint are also getting traction.

Pre-made themes from EnvatoMarket and TemplateMonster can also be a valid choice. Developers of paid templates tend to respond to customer feedback and continuously iterate their product, so some of the most popular themes have now gone through many improvements, to become what they are today.

Smithsonian magazine uses Suzy framework which offers on-demand grid.

Flat Colors

Google Material Design was first introduced in 2014. It’s a set of principles and best practices for web designers and mobile app developers. Google Material Design is about going back to basics, focusing on what’s important, but still accounting for multiple resolutions and devices – an over-engineered simplicity, if you like.

Google Material Design with its flat colours isn’t the only approach to web and mobile app design but it continues to be popular and trendy. Fabulous app, Google Material Design Awards winner, is a remarkable example of Google Material Design principles at its best.

Fabulous is a mobile app that helps you to establish healthy habits.

Authentic images

The overriding rule with regards to choosing effective images for web is that they have to be relevant and genuine. When choosing images, think about the following:

  • Product
    Are product images appropriate and useful? If so, this should be your first choice.
  • People
    Can you use an authentic image to tell a believable story about people using your product and benefitting from it?
  • Quality
    How can you show that your product is of good, or superior, quality? Can you show the craft, the expertise or the materials that make it great?
  • Ethics
    Are you charitable, ethical, organic, green? Does your business give back to the community? Does it make the world a better place?

Overused staged photography will make your website look dated. Choose realistic images that portray real world and real people. Use new perspectives: selfies, feeties, drone and head-on camera pictures and videos. Try full-screen approach, with the image occupying the whole screen.

Christian Betancourt is e-sports, portrait, landscape, and lifestyle photographer


If a picture can tell a thousand words, then video must be even better, right? Homepage background videos can tell a story behind a product or service within seconds – Evernote, Airbnb and Loyola Marymount University are notable examples. For longer, more sophisticated video stories in web design, have a look at edstafford.org and silenza.it (It’s worth noting that mobile versions of these websites do not display videos.)


Humans can hold between 5 and 9 items in their short term memory. A landline number such as 496 0926 is relatively easy to remember, but something a bit longer like 07700900546 is far more difficult to retain in your memory. That’s why, for a long time, web developers and UX designers strived for a maximum of seven menu items (7±2) in the website navigation. But that’s changing.

The number of visible, main menu navigation items is now reduced to the absolute minimum. Paypal has only three visible items in their primary navigation. Tate have reduced the number of items in the main navigation from 11 to just 3 during their most recent redesign in 2016. Laterooms redesigned it’s homepage in 2015 to focus solely on the booking process.

Continued influence of the mobile design means that hamburger navigation icon is more popular than ever. The jury is out on the effectiveness of this approach – it’s not just the meaning of the icon, but the size and visibility of the three lonely lines that affect the usability of the hamburger approach. Research and A/B testing seems to show that hamburger lines combined with a MENU label – such as the one on Adobe website – works significantly better than the hamburger icon alone.

Sticky navigation, such as on Pexcard by Rockpool Digital is still popular, and so are mega-menus – Museum of London built by WebCredible is a good example.

Museum of London was redesigned by Webcredible in 2016

Performance and intelligent analytics insight

Average weight of the homepage across the websites reviewed in this article is approximately 3.5MB. With all the high resolution images, interactive scripts, font replacement techniques, webpage performance requires special consideration. “If you can make the site load a second faster, you can drive engagement by 5%” according to Financial Times. Note the use of engagement as website metrics in this quote. Intelligent insight that goes beyond page views and unique visitors is increasingly important for understanding what works and what doesn’t on your website.

The aims of Financial Times redesign are shorter page load times, increased engagement, and better personalization.

The blend of personal and professional space, integrity, ethics

The line between the personal and professional space is not as clear as it was in the past. What we hear about business leaders on Facebook and Twitter, is often less formal and more in-the-moment than press releases and company’s own marketing materials. Integrity, ethics, telling people who you are, not just what you do, is more important than ever before.

Educate & Celebrate advises schools on LGBT and inclusion best practices.


In summary, modern websites of 2017 will use authentic images and full-width or full-screen layout to portray genuine, passionate, ethical people and products. Primary navigation will be reduced to the very minimum, and other links will be available through the ‘hamburger’ navigation, mega-menus and contextual navigation. Great websites of 2017 will use direct, persuasive language and will use numbers to demonstrate their achievements. Responsiveness, micro interactions and large, bold images continue to dominate the web, but they are only effective if website performance and page load times are reasonable.

Best of luck and have a well designed 2017!

Paginas Web Corporativas para Referencia #designlookout

Crear un sitio Corporativo ya sea para una marca o un producto es un reto único, primeramente los sitios suelen ser mucho más enfocados a promover la marca de la compañía más que su línea de productos – aunque en algunos casos cumple ambas funciones – lo cual crea complejidades que un sitio web bien pensado debe resolver desde el primer pantallazo.

La primera parte se refiere al concepto del sitio en si mismo y a su objetivo puntual: deberá hacer que el usuario tome una acción en particular? ¿tal vez sumarse a una lista de registro de usuarios? deberá simplemente obtener más información del servicio o tal vez preguntar directamente al fabricante sobre algo específico.

Sea cual fuere la necesidad, el sitio debe ser simple pero atractivo, completo pero no enredado para el usuario y ante todo, simple de navegar ya sea el smartphone o su PC de escritorio. En este post del GeekCast les presentamos una colección de buenos sitios corporativos para su deleite esclerótico que integran buena imagen junto a una buena funcionalidad.

Journey Group, Inc




Seattle Cider Company

Arte Charpentier Architects

Bienville Capital Management








Vía vandelaydesign.com y webnel.com


Summer Design Lookout: Julio 2013, Sitios Web FullScreen

Algunos de los sitios mas impresionantes de la red, con todo su poder Flash, HTML5 o Multimedia a todo poder, para su placer y referencia visual, antes de plantear un sitio web siempre es útil ver un poco de referencias visuales para inspirar y afinar el estilo.

Siempre necesario aprender, y mejor aun si es de los mejores profesionales de la industria. Las marcas y compañías serias invierten buenas sumas en su presencia web, esencial si se quiere lucir bien ante sus potenciales consumidores en la red y en mundo donde la imagen lo es todo, es vital tener la mejor cara en la web que el dinero pueda pagar. A pesar de ello, los mejores sitios suelen ser aquellos de autor, donde el diseñador web pone su pasión y corazón en crear algo único, lo cual al crear un site para un tercero a veces falta ese componente de pasión para dar un plus.

Coleccionado de distintos sites, blogs de diseño y medios nuestra colección de sitios web a fullscreen para su placer visual. Recuerden que son referencias, nada de piratearse conceptos o hacer copias directas de ellos. Solo usenlos para darse una idea de lo que es posible lograr en web y crear algo único en un mercado donde la copia ya es una norma.

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WordPress Showcase: Buenos temas de WP

WordPress es un CMS genial que nos ayuda en demasiadas cosas y por ello le dedicamos una nueva sección, mostrando aplicaciones de temas de alto octanage en sitios comerciales, ojo nada de templates solo sitios de producción que cumplan con su propósito. Recolectados en varios sites y de referencia para los que hacemos esto del diseño web via WP les presentamos de manera mensual un compilado de aquellos que visualmente y en funcionalidad nos enamoraron… así que enjoy



Diseños web de una sola página

Una página web puede tener una sola página y aún así comunicar de manera efectiva. Estos diseños de una sola página muestran que un site puede vender en exceso si se sabe poner en el los ítems correctos. En lugar de saturar a nuestro usuario con demasiada info mejor ir al punto y no perderlo con boludeces.

De un artículo de Graphic Design Junction disponible aquí

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Ejemplos Creativos del uso de JS Slider… #html5rocks

El JS slider es una implementación opensouce para FX de imagenes y “sliders” de bolas…. muestras de que se puede lograr cuando tienes a un profesional y le dejas ejercer su cuota de buen gusto… Porque eso si, si se contrata a un experto mejor dejarle hacer su chamba y siempre tendremos resultados superiores – eso, claro si contratamos a un profesional –

De un articulo original, disponible aqui…