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#fuckingDesignGods The art of Packaking by Chad Roberts

There are few times when a designer makes me feel this emotions when i look to a packaking solution or even a work of art, the agency of Chad Roberts creates amazing and stuning ways to impress their clients by making their solutions unique and beautifully made.

Today, we show some of the amazing art of this agency – wich makes a lot more – and is based on Toronto. Now please enjoy this amazing packaging solution and use it wisely when need inspiration on that hard-to-make project that need something to stand out.

Chad, the founder defines itself like this:

Chad has always been passionate about food. So much so that he studied to become a chef before discovering he was more interested in the visual culture of the food industry. He quickly shifted his focus to a career path that married his two loves: cuisine and aesthetics.

Chad studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where after graduating as Valedictorian, he became a faculty member. During his time in New York, Chad spent five years working as a senior designer with Louise Fili Ltd. creating brand identities for many leading gourmet food companies. He left the studio to become an art director at New York-based DesignWorks BBDO before moving to Toronto and establishing his own boutique studio.

Chad is a member of the Type Directors Club and served on the board of directors from 2006-2008. His award-winning work has been featured in multiple publications and in several books on design and the design process. More recently, Chad was a sessional instructor at OCAD University in the Faculty of Design.

Their work, art and amazing solutions are like a nice-made retinal punch that make designers and common people alike feel so happy becauser their amazing typography and feeling.

Vía Chad Roberts Agency