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Mobile UI Interactions

When presenting an app concept, storyboards and screenshots alone cannot fully drive the message home. If you want to capture your potential clients’ attention, showcasing your mobile app concept in GIF animation will make it more realistic, dynamic, and engaging
 This article is all about UI mobile app animations!

Below is our list of a few animated examples of UI mobile app animations that will surely inspire you to do the same next time you present your app concept to your client.

Speedcam App Animation by Jakub Antalík for Sygic.com

This speedcam app in GIF is simply impressive

Undeniably, Jakub Antalik has successfully presented his speedcam app in action in this GIF. Its nice colors and smooth animation simply make it impressive. Jakub Antalik created it in After Effect, imported it in Photoshop, and exported it as a GIF.

Weather Rebound by Chris Slowik

How you view weather will never be the same with this app

What an impressive weather app, without question. Kudos to Chris Slowik for this awesome work! Chris Slowik removed its current weather icon from the ‘window’, hence, you can’t see an icon when you look at it.

Curl by Nicolas Girard

If this app won’t get you to exercise, what would?

Health buffs out there may say that the model in the app’s GIF displays a wrong form for bicep curls. But, hey, there is no questioning that this app concept is simply awesome! Nicolas used 3DSMax for the armband module and did everything else using After Effects.

GIF – Workflow Payment by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe

Welcome to content that moves!

If you are not a fan of content that moves when the screen is rolled, then you may think that this app is not cool at all. However, if you have no problem with such, you’ll surely agree that this work of Barthelemy Chalvet is awesome. Its animations are really nice, appearing undeniably fluid and fast. The GIF focuses on a payment procedure that does not only look neat but handy, too.

FaceScan App by George Frigo

Get the latest information about your favorite celebrity just by scanning their photo

This animation only lasts for 12 seconds. Nonetheless, it is already pretty obvious what it is all about. This concept formed from George Frigo’s desire to establish a similar application that makes it possible for Internet users to obtain information by using a photo of a person, whether he’s a celebrity or just an ordinary citizen.

WIP Discover Music app by Alexander van Ravestyn

Discover music in an interactive way with WIP Discover

As its name suggests, it is pretty obvious what Alexander van Ravestyn wants to direct users’ attention towards the process of navigating: a slickly designed screen with a music player. This IOS app focuses on discovering music in a rather interactive way. There is no denying that it is simply awesome.

Walkthrough Animation by Devin Ruppert

Walkthrough has a series of dynamic slides and buttons

The GIF of Walkthrough by Devin Ruppert highlights a welcome screen featuring a slider with numerous dynamic slides and a panel featuring login buttons. Everything about this app is brought to life so that what you can expect from this app can be effectively showcased. Great work!

 Interaction Overview by Mihnea Zamfir

An app that is designed to make life simple

Despite being concise, there is no denying that this animation is effective in showing a client a simple procedure of adding and deleting entries from a card directory. Now, talk about simplicity, beauty, and efficacy all rolled into one!

Delete Task and Assign Task to Your Teammate in Action by Tobs

Never miss a task with this app

The GIF is targeted at demonstrating swipe technique in action that is not only common but effective, too. The whole thing simply looks alive, conventional, and engaging! What a great way, indeed, to delete and assign a task to a teammate in action. The animation was done in After Effect as well.

Menu Interaction GIF by Ben Dunn

A stylish app with a stylish design

This work by Ben Dunn, without question, is an impressive tool for showcasing the appeal of a standard menu in action, sliding out from the left side elegantly as it presents the important links. Don’t you just love the way how icons pop up from the left side?

Showtime App by Luft

Want to know where the hottest place in town is? Showtime will lead you

This app by Luft is the most ideal for the weekend nocturnal creatures who are constantly in the lookout for a nice place to paint the town red. The only problem about this app is its right button color which makes it less readable. With this app, it’s show time, indeed!

iOS 7 Animation by Fabio Basile

A fun and fancy app for iOS 7

This app is, obviously, a result of the freedom of Fabio Basile to have fun with animations and fancy interactions. Without question, this is way better than those horrid settings trays that people use.

Life Minimal App by Budi Tanrim

Hard work resulted in an impressive app

This app by Budi Tanrim is one great example of an app with impressive transitions and visualization. With the help of PSD, After Effect, and 12 grueling hours of hard work, this animation came into existence.

Weather by BeardChicken

Weather lives up to its name and the animation makes it even more interesting

Is the weather outside frightful? Well, just imagine how fun and easy and checking the weather will be with this weather app by BeardChicken. This work is simply elegant!

Account by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe

Awesome transitions – that is how you describe this app

You can’t help but admire the transitions of this app, although some people think that it gives them motion sickness. Others observed, though, that the text is too small. Whatever your take on this is, there is no denying that it simply looks awesome!

Covert Inbox by Creativedash

This app puts Photoshop CS6 to good use

This app clearly demonstrates what happens when you are tapping on something and you get a new message. Its animations and details are simply incredible.The GIF was created with the use of Photoshop CS6.

Soccer Analytics by Monterosa

Keeping up with the latest news in soccer is much more fun with this app

This app by Monterosa is a must-have for every soccer aficionado. The graphics are awesome and the animation is simply amazing.

Tour by Mark Geyer for Salesforce UX D

Discover your pace without an y pressure with this app

This is an onboarding tour concept for Salesforce1. The users would be able to swipe through the tour at the pace of their choice before diving into the app. The animations are just as impressive with the other apps listed on this list.

Loading Animation by Nicolas Girard

This is an Iron Man-ispired app

Mind blowing animations that simply awe. Nicolas created it for Commongood.TV. Iron man-inspired? Hmmm…

Photo Navigation Concept by Chapps

Save, retrieve, and access images easily with this app

This app is based on the concept that, in just a few clicks, the user can already get the necessary images that have been added and tagged earlier. With just one touch, you can choose the category that you want or need. The whole process is reminiscent of an image search on a desktop, only it is done in a mobile device.

Fiche Workflow Payment by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe

A great concept fo a payment card

This is definitely a gorgeous app. A great concept for a payment card, indeed!

Map Pin Bubble by Ben Cline for RALLY

A map app with a refreshing design and concept

Oh, the secondary bubble simply look slick. Commenters refer to it as ‘design with life’, thanks to its riveting animation. This app makes use of Map Box API. Without question, it is a refreshingly unique approach to iOS map callouts.

Menu (Animation) by Nest

Neat and simple – that is what this app is all about

You’ll surely love the neatness and simplicity of this app. Its transitions are simply awesome. Everything about this app is done in AE.

First Shot by Plady

The design and color palette used in this app shout simplicity and fun

Another app that oozes not only with an impressive concept but great animation, too. Now, can you imagine how exciting Dribbble can even become if it adapted this concept? Plady used Photoshop for this great work.

Exercise Screen by Vitaly Rubtsov for Yalantis

Workout tracking becomes easy with this app concept

Are you a health buff? Then, this app concept will surely be in your good graces. This GIF showcases a little of its set interaction. Hopefully, this concept can be fully actualized as it can surely make workout tracking a piece of cake. Just be careful, though: you might end up spending more time playing with it than exercising!

Animated Sliding Tab Bar by Virgil Pana

There’s no denying that the 3D fold effect of this app is simply awesome

This concept is simply smart as it can be of help on devices that have small screen size. Its drag handler is close to the edge of the screen for the bounding box because the action is limited. Nonetheless, the 3D fold effect is just cool, isn’t it?


Both UI and UX developers have recognized the importance of animated pictures in presenting their ideas that are a result of their painstaking work and inherent artistry. With GIF animations, the usually irritating and time-consuming procedure of explaining to clients can be averted.No matter how wonderful the screenshots of app concepts are, only short and fully animated GIFs can convey and demonstrate the interaction between all of the vital components in a more alive manner.

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How to create mobile UI animations that boost usability and bring app interfaces to life

Animated transitions can make the difference between a great mobile app and one that’s just meh. Transitions — those little animations that make UI elements visible or invisible — often go unnoticed, but when executed right they contribute to a seamless user experience. So what makes a good animated transition and how can prototyping help?

What are mobile UI animations for?

Animated transitions signal a change of state to the user. That can mean signalling a movement in the navigation flow, task completion, introduction or subtraction of on-screen UI elements, and changing position in the interface hierarchy. Designer Davey Heuser helpfully explains animated transitions in terms of movie sound-effects: “It’s not peculiar to use animations and sound effects in movies when someone goes through a time machine, so it’s only natural to use this in your interface as well.” And that’s where animated transitions come in handy.

“It’s not peculiar to use animations and sound effects in movies when someone goes through a time machine, so it’s only natural to use this in your interface as well.”

What makes a good mobile UI animation?

Software developer and UX influencer Nick Babich succinctly defines what separates a good animated transition from a bad one in his post Animation in Mobile UX Design:

Effective animated transitions:

  • Have a clear purpose
  • Reduce cognitive load
  • Establish spatial relationships
  • Prevent change blindness
  • Bring an interface to life

Badly designed animated transitions, on the other hand:

  • Confuse the user
  • Complicate the interface unnecessarily
  • Are random and without purpose

Animated transitions can make mobile UIs more dynamic, engaging and user-friendly. But use them incorrectly and they will have a detrimental impact on both user experience and conversions.

Our list of 5 inspiring mobile UI animated transitions provides top examples of mobile animation, plus we’ve thrown in some expert prototyping tips to help you test out animations in UI prototypes. Enjoy!

1 — iOS camera app focus animation

Predictably, Apple’s iOS Camera app includes a stunning example of well-executed mobile UI animation. As users attempt to focus the camera, a crosshair appears — with a fade-in effect — and shrinks as it finds focus. Once focused, the crosshair blinks in and out of visibility and then fades out.

Check out the video to see the animation in action.

Create something similar in a mobile UI prototype using Justinmind’s animated effects. Effects are triggered when a UI elements is shown or hidden — you can choose the style in which to reveal the element from fade-in or out to bounce, fold and puff.

2 — Template gallery menu animation

Sergey Valiukh from Tubik Studio has come up with an animation that converts a standard contact list into an interactive, engaging experience. Users scroll through their contact cards with a vertical swipe gesture that causes each contact to move forwards, then drop out of sight when dismissed. The animation effectively focuses user attention and uses information hierarchy to good effect.

You can build a similar effect in Justinmind mobile prototypes by using dynamic panels to create transition effects. Link the transition effects to gestures and then test on the prototype on your mobile using the Justinmind app.

3 — Weather Rebound app

This mobile app prototype from Chris Slowik incorporates sophisticated mobile animation that both delights and informs. Not only has Chris incorporated a transparent animated skin that matches the current weather conditions (which we love!), but he’s also built animated his UI elements simply and beautifully. On command, hourly weather icons slide up onto the screen; a lateral slide-bar menu allows users to select the day they need the weather report for. It’s simple but beautifully executed, and allows users to see weather throughout the day at a glance.

Chris has used his own brand assets as the icons for the weather app, but if you’re short on time you can take advantage of the pre-made UI libraries in Justinmind: there are UI elements for all main operating systems and devices, which you can organize into groups and reuse across projects. Or import your own brand assets as SVG files and make them interactive with Hotspots.

Check out some examples of mobile UIs made with our Android Lollipop UI elements.

4 — Elastic progress bar

Mobile users have very., very little patience for slow loading times. According to Kissmetrics, a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Mobile animation is a great way to make the wait seem shorter and lower user abandonment rates. UI designer XJW nailed a download loading progress bar and shared it on Dribbble. The animation starts out as a download icon, which transforms into a button moving along an elastic tightrope wire and marking the percentage completion of the download. If the download fails, the progress button fails off the wire. A cute, personality-filled way to convey progress through mobile animation.

5 — Fitness Tracker — Pull Down to Refresh

One of the most common mobile animations is the so-called Pull Down to Refresh, where users refresh screen content by swiping vertically downwards. It’s become an intuitive feature for mobile users, so conveying that the gesture is recognized and being executed is crucial to seamless user experience.

That doesn’t mean that UI designers and prototypers can’t have fun animating the gesture, though. Take Fitness Tracker’s prototype, in which they use the Pull Down to Refresh feature as an opportunity to strengthen the brand while conveying functionality. Instead of introducing any old loading wheel, they add an animation of a character power walking across the top of the interface. It’s simple, good-looking and reinforces the ‘why’ of Fitness Tracker in the user’s mind.

The actual refresh button backs this up with its own great animation. The yellow gradient thumb spot fades in, sweeps down and then explodes out of sight, supporting the dynamism of the UI as a whole.

You can use rich interactions to create this Pull to Refresh button in Justinmind, and add conditions to your event to make it even more advanced. Add animated effects to the event to make the animation richer.

Prototyping mobile UI animations: 5 inspiring examples — the takeaway

Animated mobile transitions can be charming, useful and user-centric. They guide users through a mobile app experience and ensure that both user goals and conversion goals are catered to. But mobile UI designers have to resist the temptation to animate for mobile animation’s sake. Animations should always be relevant, targeted and with a purpose. That way, your UI will be as effective as these inspiring examples of animated mobile transitions.

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